Between a Rock and a Hard Place in the Sun

Crushed between big government, big business, big society, big oil, big culture, big food, big spirit, big meltdown and with organized religion big and small trying to pull down your pants from behind, it is no wonder that some days everything has that “hell in a handbasket” look to it.

Winter seems to stretch on. At least it does here in Toronto.

The only answer that I can see is more music.

I have been a musician for many years now, but only recently have I had the beginnings of an understanding of how much music can transport you away from your troubles. These days, while working in the studio, time and outside concerns are forgotten. My awareness of the near completeness of this process is driven home as I leave the studio, like waking from a pleasant dream  knowing you must face some less than pleasant reality.

It is like a drug. Both making it and listening to it.

Title courtesy my favorite penguin (we’ve all got one) and Berk Breathed.  Berks’ website is a good place to visit.

I feel better now.

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