Long on Loon, Short on Theory.

Loon by Kevin C. Loughlin

Download mp3 (right click – save target as)

Well, ya see, I have this theory, I really do, it even has a name, (see banner above for why you might want to consider getting a name for your theory) ‘cept it’s not really about a loon, or loons, but it is, allegorically speaking or perhaps metaphorically speaking or hell, even anaphorically speaking, ’cause you have to use a loon to explain it, well ya don’t have to, because, say, a dinosaur would work just as well, if it could swim and I understand many could so there ya go, or an elk, but not Anne Elk, I think, if you follow where I’ve drifted to, but I use the loon because it seems to work and everyone knows no one works harder than a loon at being a loon than I do  than you do than a loon does, no mistake.

Anyway, the point is, is, it’s about a loon and a lake and ….. I see we’ve run out of time.

Thankfully, of course, that’s just an expression, but nevertheless, a wise man or several wise men once had something to say about “No time to lose” but I’m not entirely sure what they were getting at, if you know what I mean.

In conclusion, if I had not vowed to no longer use the words and language of dehumanization, I would swear that Dick Cheney is traveling the Middle East to collect the remaining remnants of the foul and corrupt souls of his business partners and fellow travellers as a favour for the minions of the Dark Master.

He has, of course, already collected in Washington.


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