Time is Alive!

Time Before Time

The nature of time is such that the influence of the very beginning of the universe stretches all the way into your kitchen—you can make an omelet out of an egg, but you can’t make an egg out of an omelet. Time, unlike space, has an obvious directionality—the view in a mirror makes sense in a way that a movie in reverse never would. Sean Carroll

No doubt like many of you, I awoke this morning with only one thought on my mind: Was there time before time?

Fortunately, the extended human brain known as the Internet (really just a reality sized peripheral hard drive) always has something to offer and food for thought, if not a definite answer.

From the Seed Magazine web site comes a timely article by Sean Carroll entitled “Time Before Time”.

P.S. It is quite possible that Time is actually alive, so play nice!

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