The Problem is Handgun Proliferation

Unidentified man shooting six people in Toronto doorway.

The problem is those who make weapons for profit. Put the weapons in the hands of the criminals and they will use them.

Those who endorse arming everyone, students included, should know that there were six people in the entrance way the shooter was firing into. One dead, a young man by the name of Abdikarim Abdikarim and five wounded. Were the victims armed and would this have happened any different if they were? At this point I don’t know. I doubt it. This happened so fast that almost any attempt at resistance would be hopeless.

This is undoubtedly one of the most cold blooded sociopathic incidents I could imagine.

And the gun nuts insist on arming these people.


Photo by Nathan Denette
This is the doorway the shooter was firing into and where six young men were trapped and  Abdikarim Ahmed Abdikarim died. Photo by Nathan Denette via The National Post.

4 thoughts on “The Problem is Handgun Proliferation

  1. As long as there are people who make their living by making guns, they will have an interest in selling them.

    I really would like to hear someone say with a straight face that they want for every person in a poor inner city neighborhood to own a gun to protect themselves from burglary or whatever. More likely what 2nd Amendment zealots have in mind is to be able to carry a gun with them when they go downtown to protect themselves against the scary black people.

    I’m being cynical but I still don’t think I’m far from the truth.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Sethandray, your visit and comment is much appreciated.

    Interesting debate at your place. I guess it is inevitable that in America the debate will always turn, if not flounder, on constitutional interpretation.

    Complicated indeed.

  3. Wow. A Desert Loon eh? Awesome. Glad you came by Cstanford.

    Very interesting take on “arming the poor” and one I had not considered.

    As for being cynical, apparently Mr. Obama maintains something to the effect that Cynicism is a sorry form of wisdom and he may well be right, but I still find it a reasonably sound starting point, if nothing else.

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