Laughably So Called “Conservatism”

No Right Turn

No one doubts that “The Market Place” – first letters capitalized to indicate the philosophies surrounding trade, barter, commerce and all attendant virtues and vices – has been and is a vital external instrument in the progress of man (an incredible triumph) and civilization (such as it is).

From its earliest and smallest examples to the crazed behemoth it is today, the market approach (clearly seen by some as the “only” possibility for us) has truly been one of the greatest elements of human progress and a mighty engine that has driven forth all manner of things, from the sacred to the profane if you will forgive the religious analogy.

What is becoming apparent now is the cost/risk/benefit equation to ourselves and our planet and the cost in the weight of the darkness in our souls, or our loss of integrity or virtue if you prefer (is this how so called “conservatives” do math?) has already reached the crisis point we blindly and so irresponsibly denied we would see in our lifetimes.

Anyone who denies these western versions of the engines of  civilization are now wildly out of control is either unaware, in denial or too busy reaping the short term rewards of the madness to see sense.

The insanity of unregulated and under-regulated instruments of such destructive force seems to be built into the political genetics of what is now only laughably referred to as “conservatism”.

2 thoughts on “Laughably So Called “Conservatism”

  1. More regulation is on the way in the US as the financial markets complexities are understood by few and the continued unraveling creates greater angst in so many quarters.

  2. Hey Bob, thanks for dropping by and your comment is most appreciated. I sure hope you are right about some return of regulation. No doubt about the spreading angst.

    I can’t figure out what it is in the con/repub/business psyche that makes them love “systems”, yet so blindly deny the reality of human generated chaos within and the natural propensity toward breakdown that is a part of all system structures.

    Oh yeah,I guess that would be greed, perhaps combined with an innate fear of a level playing field.

    An adjunct to the “Fog of War” theory perhaps, where great gains and profit, outside of the goals of the military action, are possible for those willing to act on their own personal main chance within the chaos.

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