Carina Nebula

Carina Nebula courtesy NASA and STScI


Having watched part of the Obama – Clinton ABC debate last night and clips and highlights today, and having read wildly divergent opinions of the same event (eye witness syndrome? or just good ‘ol partisan politics?) from the left, the right and – from those who sometimes claim the podium of neutrality or balance – the supposed center, my only observation today is in questioning the nature of what appears to be a mighty, mighty level of ego and hubris evident in the debate presenters and moderators who seem unable to distinguish the event and the news from themselves.

 Although Stephanopoulos and Gibson are most certainly offenders, this particular pathology has infected the entire mainstream media.


 Don’t worry though, armed with your own personal moral gyroscope, the enforced skepticism required to retain sanity in the modern world, a reasonably reliable bullshit detector and all that we have learned from decades of an all out assault of marketeering style (lapel pin) power of suggestion – otherwise known as brainwashing (Hussein) – go ahead do your damnedest, throw it all at me, Ha!, the mass market manipulators (elite) have hit their glass ceiling, they have spawned their own worst nightmare – a citizenry growing immune to their machinations (turn it up, louder sharper sounds will get their attention! Ha! we don’t even need your attention, we claim squatters rights in your brain!!) – armed with all that, it is just possible to navigate your way through the mine-fields of spin, counter-spin, lie and counter lie and utter, utter nonsense (because there is no better word) that awaits you each day should you decide to plug into the information super-string highway.

Prepare to be dazzled.



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