Who is David L. Grange? (Update Jan 09)

Who is David L. Grange?


O’BRIEN: Don’t you think, though, that however you interpret all this, what is going to happen now is, you enter a stage where Saddam Hussein, who is an expert at these cat-and-mouse, 11th-hour games, is going to play this brinksmanship game as he has done in the past with these inspectors, and he’s just playing for time? So do you perceive this extending out well into the spring?

GRANGE: He’s going to try to do that, obviously. I mean, he’s a — just like you said, he’s an expert at denial, at deception, at dislocation, at disruption. So he’s going to continue to do that. And I — you know, the — for him to declare on the 8th of December that he has no weapons of mass destruction, when there’s clear evidence that he does, I mean, there’s a violation right there. I mean, he’s already violated it. (Bold added)


 It is my view that a supposedly intelligent, savvy, in the loop, high achieving military go to guy like David Grange knew full well that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when he slopped out this sorry excuse for the truth in a November 16 2002 interview the supposedly independent analyst had with CNN’s Miles O’Brien.

 Perhaps inspired by the forensic examiners who seek to find genetic traces left behind at a crime scene, and in light of David Barstow’s New York Times expose’ – Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand  – on the Pentagon’s psyops assault on the truth and reality using retired senior military people and the ever eagerly complicit mainstream media, I thought I’d go back to 2002 to see if former Brigadier General Grange was on the level when he offered his “independent” expertise to the world in the run up to the invasion of Iraq.

 For reasons beyond me now, I wanted to believe what he said, even though I have a lifetime of good reasons to distrust people who have managed to worm their way into a position of delusional authority over others.

 However, I can clearly recall twinges of doubt and misgivings roiling restlessly in the back of my mind whenever I heard him speak.

 I am now certain that all those ugly twinges were my smarter, not so easily fooled sub-conscience trying to warn me of the logical inconsistencies, the furtive, hastily corrected or hurridely re-worked verbal mis-steps and gaffes that even the most skilled sociopathic liar – as I now believe Grange to be – must always leave behind as they navigate the treacherous rocks of illusion just as any other common criminal leaves the aforementioned traces and strands of DNA at any other crime scene.

 His words, his body language, his eyes must have all been screaming out signals that, alas, only become clear to me as I go back and read the transcript of his words after the revelations in the NYT article.

 And if someone were to tell me that the CNN interviewer was reading off the same script, I’d be inclined to believe it.

 If I imagined that he had the capacity to feel such a thing, I would assume David Grange would be filled with humiliation, guilt, remorse and regret at his role in the Bush Crime Family’s endeavors and in being caught and nailed so clearly and publicly as a deeply dishonorable man.

There are sociopaths among us, many of them, and to the naked eye they look just like David Grange.


Update January 3rd 2009

David Grange is all over CNN covering the Gaza bombardment and invasion. Just a note to remind readers that Grange is a proven liar. No doubt his  military expertise is impressive, but whose lies is he being paid to mouth this time?

We will probably never know, but we do know one thing:

This guy is not worthy of our attention or our trust.

Proven liars on scale of Grange should not be listened to.

Tune him out.

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