Bad Company



“Our position is always that we always follow the law as we understand it, and more importantly, we always follow the law as it has been interpreted.”

Stephen Harper (bold added)


This is what happens when our Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper gets to hang out with the one he admires most, wishes to be like, in fact the one person Harper would really rather be: George W. Bush.

While the rest of the world is holding on by our fingernails and even atheists are praying for the safe end of the NeoCon nightmare, Harper is likely thinking Aww I missed all the fun.

Just as the right wingers seem to view Orwells’ 1984 as an instruction manual on effective governance rather than a desperate warning, Harper is probably one of the few humans on earth who looks to Bush and the NeoCon cabal as an inspiration and a source of such wonderful ideas as unitary executive, illegal spying, extraordinary rendition and all the other neato stuff that stupid Canadians won’t let Harper do but which he is doubtlessly trying to do anyway.

Right wing politicians have to lie. Almost all the time. If they told the truth they would never be elected again. Many of us hope that someday the general voting populace will come to understand this and we may then see a return to the traditional conservatism that reflects community values and actually conserves something aside from an individual’s opportunity to lie, cheat and steal for profit.

“Our position is always that we always follow the law as we understand it” is Bush speak for I am above the law.

A splendid example of Michael Kinsley’s definition of a gaffe as a politician inadvertently telling the truth.

And as for following the law as it is interpreted, I shudder to think what creepy little John Yoo type Stephen Harper is turning to for legal interpretation.

Stephen Harper is not who he appears to be.

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