We Are The Manchurian Candidate – Boomers as Unknowing Extremists

During an interesting post and discussion at Orcinus on the subject of hard right wing extremism, someone referred to Boomers as extremists. Being a pretty sharp group over there, the suggestion was, for the most part, prodded once or twice, politely laughed at and forgotten.

However it did get me to thinking briefly on the idea, and wondering in what ways, if any, the Baby Boomer generation might exhibit extreme behaviour.

Though it was a rather distant off topic subject, I scribbled a few lines and threw them into the pot at Orcinus. I hope to give this some more time and thought – that is, to see if there may be any substance to the suggestion of Boomers – or some Boomer behaviours – being considered extremist beyond the few vague ideas I touched on in the comment, but until then I have reprinted my remarks below and invite any observations.


Boomers can be seen as extremists only to the extent that many of us are showing the signs of the protracted and intense (though not necessarily organized) mind – control assault we’ve been living under all these years, courtesy of our benevolent government and corporate overseers. We voice opinions though we are uncertain of the source. We assert conventional wisdoms that are nothing of the kind, and we cloak ourselves in our education – often unaware that there may be other purposes behind the knowledge we have learned.

I’m thinking this accounts for much of the “vote against your own interests” phenomena.

And yes, I think I will let the mind – control term stand.

On the positive side, there are some recent signs that suggest it is possible to shake off some of the controlling factors that have been laced into our very psyches.

As an example, it seems to me that many people I know have begun listening to the Corporate Media with a more cynical and nuanced ear. This neural blow-back (or perhaps even paradigm shift) is not just a result of recent right wing over reach, though that is probably what set it off.

A larger reason may be a subtle awakening, horrified recognition and a frantic flight or fight to regain ownership of our own mass psyche.


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