The New Yorker: Stupidly Controversial Satire



I guess the owners and editors of The New Yorker magazine felt it was their turn to spike the ratings with yet another idiotic and stupidly controversial Mainstream Media offering.

Tyring to discern motive and intent in their works has become nothing but a waste of time.

I watch with sad amazement as the moronic Corporate Media furiously spins itself into a venal, loudmouthed and ultimately empty irrelevancy.

 Update: As I implied in the comment section, this issue has very little to do with politics, nuance, satire or the furtherance of a national discourse and everything to do with attempting to capture some news cycle time – at any damn cost at all – to improve the investors bottom line by making it all about The New Yorker.

Their explanations are more cynical lies.

 Mission accomplished.

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