CNN: Deceitful, Unprofessional and Damn Proud of it

Hey, CNN! I’ve got a great idea!

How about you focus almost exclusively on irrelevant stories like the Edwards affair, flag pins, idiotic analysis of idiotic campaign ads and hour upon hour of useless verbiage about possible and impossible Vice Presidents.

If you run out of nothingness to report on, perhaps you could show several hours of footage defining where the Olympic Torch is not, or perhaps some more video of the door of the house where Obama and Clinton are not meeting. That way, you can continue with your very pointed avoidance of anything important while going through the shallow motions of professionalism in order to not so subtlety disguise your blatent and dishonest Corporate agenda.

Great idea, eh?

Oh, sorry. I see you’re already doing that.

Update: Several months ago, CNN took the unprecedented step of including a Professor of Ethics on one of their political panels. His presence, in my opinion, made the usual cast of spin-meisters visibly uncomfortable, as he called several of them on their obvious distortions and caused others to watch their words.

Or in other words, he made it difficult for them to lie with impunity.

Clearly that did not go over well with the management and/or the pundits, as the good professor has not, to my knowledge, been seen since.

Hey, CNN. Here’s another great idea: Bring back the ethics professor.

Yeah, right.

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