Obama’s Wide Open Strategy

A masterpiece by Obama at the Democratic Convention tonight.

Incredible as it was, Obama has probably left himself wide open to attack on a whole range of broad target liberal ideals gathered loosely under the banner of “activist government”.

The problem for the Republicans is that many of these ideas are well grounded in shared experience and common sense. So, as is often the case, the current right wing crew (apologies to real conservatives) will find itself denouncing and in opposition to reality and will likely turn to one form of belligerence or another to compensate and duck the argument.

In fact, I believe Obama is fully aware of the exposure that comes with the broadside of liberal cannon-balls he blasted at McCain and the right-wing tonight, wants the debates, and maybe even feels the one-note McCain campaign is not up to the task of effectively juggling and fighting on so many complex fronts at once.

This just got a whole lot more interesting.

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