The Fainting Goat Media



I simply no longer know what to make of the Corporate Media. They have become so erratic in covering the U.S. presidential race that the easy explanations like “following the corporate line” no longer seem to suffice. It appears clear to me that the MSM is always dancing to the unseen hand – usually the Republican Party but not always. Occasionally they appear to be trying to please the left as well. I don’t like their inaccuracies and biases when they coincide with my views anymore than I do when they go against my politics.

I am beginning to think this erratic coverage has more to do with incompetence and a lack of awareness and direction than anything else.

This is not funny.

Hat tip to online journalist Glenn Greenwald for the title idea (because CNN and other outlets kept showing the Fainting Goat story throughout their political coverage last week), and someone at Daily Kos for the warning picture. Crazy .

I found the picture and more information than I ever wanted about fainting goats here.


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