McCain: The Whirling Dervish Candidate

If, as legend holds, John McCain truly is an honorable man – and I am doubtful of that premise – then he has long ago missed his one slender opportunity of beating Barack Obama to the White House.

Had the honorable man, the old war hero, (or the image of same) stood on his principles in the face of a political onslaught and refused to make the compromises – first within his own party and then within his campaign – that have lead him to the precipice of disgrace, then he may well have had a least a decent shot at victory in the final weeks.

Instead we’ve had months of erratic pivot politics by “The Whirling Dervish Candidate” and the bizarre spectacle of a McCain campaign being run by a bunch of narrow minded egotistical buffoons with an under- developed sense of political morality, a tin ear to the electorate and the certainty – even in the face of all opposing evidence – that they are indeed, always the smartest ones in the room.

Even as fellow panelists openly laugh at at Ari Fleischer as he once again answers an unrelated question by Larry King with an opening reference to Ayers, the campaign will shortly pivot off what they must know is nothing more than a temporary diversion and lurch on to the next diversion and the next diversion after that.

I think that, at this point, diversion is the entirety of the McCain Campaign strategy.



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