A Three Hundred Million Dollar Vanity Election

Thanks for nothing. A three hundred million dollar vanity election – yes, you read that right – a three hundred million dollar vanity election involving the most inept and self centered political leaders that Canada has ever known has lead us to this most stupid, stupid place.

My friends know that I finally – after a lifetime of support -began to question who actually runs the Liberal Party of Canada and who exactly benefits from the decisions they make.

So by the time of the Liberal Party Leadership convention, I was already half-way out the door.

I believed, and wrote at the time, that the bizarre selection of the likable but bumbling and charismatically deficient Stephane Dion would pretty much guarantee many years of a Harper government.

I also said that Elisabeth May’s equally bizarre decision to run in a riding that she was all but certain to lose was not the bold, decisive act of a new Canadian political visionary, but rather a myopic short term news cycle wonder that would more than likely lead to May’s destructive self banishment from any national relevancy, political or environmental.

Gilles DuCeppe? Whatever.

The only leader that appeared to carry any gravitas was Jack Layton who seems to have gained some respect.

Stephen Harper should apologize to the citizens of Canada for this expensive, futile exercise in making little Steve feel better about his desire to turn Canada in a hard right direction.

What a buffoon.

Our so called leaders are fools and the only silver lining is that they have always been fools and in the end, that fact has never made much of a difference.


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