The Hubris Of Self Styled King- Makers


Politics is politics and how it all plays out is just the way the game goes. If there is to be no crying in baseball then for sure there can be no crying in politics. Still, one gets the sense that even as it all unfolds within the rules and structures, there are always those looking to subvert the process for a shot at their own wild eyed main chance.

Enter Gerrard Kennedy and Justin Trudeau.

I am pretty certain that the rules of the Liberal Leadership Race that resulted in the selection of Stephane Dion ( I was yelling “NO, NO, NOOOO at the time) were appropriately followed by all concerned, but as I watched Kennedy and Trudeau huddled together all shiny eyed, full of youthful adrenaline and excitement – perhaps even drunk with the power that fell into their hands – I remember the powerful feeling that I was watching a small slice of the disruption of a democratic process.

Not the end of the world or a threat to Democracy or anything like that, but all the same I felt saddened as I witnessed what appeared to be the first fault lines developing in what had been – seemingly up to the final few minutes – a shinning example of the democracy of the delegates in action.

Again, I am sure it all took place within the rules of engagement and I am not accusing Kennedy and Trudeau of a specific wrong-doing, but all the same, my sense was they reached in where no other hands were present and fiddled the results to their own (perceived) benefit.

In the Oct. 20 edition of The Globe and Mail, in an article entitled “List of Would-Be Leaders Rises from Liberal Ashes” writer Campbell Clark includes this brief reference to Kennedy’s chances as leader:

The fourth-place contestant from the last race, former Ontario cabinet minister Gerard Kennedy, 48, has not yet decided if he will run, those close to him said. Some believe Mr. Kennedy’s role as convention king-maker for Mr. Dion might hurt him now after a bruising election loss, however.
Bold added


In my view, neither of these two men carry the wisdom, gravitas or experience to so affect the outcome of a democratic election.

As it stands right now, Gerrard Kennedy and Justin Trudeau are not the kind of politician I would want leading the Liberal Party or this wonderful country.


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