Harper’s “Mob Surveillance” Ad

I just laughed out-loud when I saw the new Harper/Conservative Party of Canada ad showing Stephane Dion and Gillles Duceppe in a grainy, black and white, slow motion film that I think I will call “Mob Surveillance” style.

From the infamous “Do you think it’s easy to make priorities?” ad that effectively made Dion look like a bumbling fool before he ever got started, to this new oh so clever manipulation of footage into some kind of film noir meets 60 Minutes expose, the Harper marketing team has consistently shown a creatively nasty yet nuanced understanding of how to engage in the underhanded art of the smear.

The media manipulation/subversive tricks squad is the only part of the Harper Government that appears to fire on all cylinders.

You can see the new ad here.

Update –  The video is no longer available of the CPoC site. I will try to find it elsewhere.


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