Smearing Ignatieff

From The Globe and Mail:

A telling moment came when someone asked him at his first press conference how he would cope with attack ads from the Conservatives. With a look of defiance and a rising voice, Mr. Ignatieff warned Mr. Harper that in the middle of a parliamentary crisis, “it would be a very serious mistake” to do so.

Nonetheless, I expect to see the Harper Attack Ad team spring into action immediately. Undercutting and smearing will not be as easy as it was with Dion, so we can expect to see a real flash of brilliant creative ugliness inspired by the under belly of American politics at its dirtiest.

Gee Steve, thanks for raising the tone of Canadian Politics.


My secret, in the know, private source suggests that the Harper team will be releasing the new Ignatieff smear and disinformation comercials some time in mid Febuary.


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