Like Vapour On the Sea

I don’t usually write much on the subject of religion. I have my own very strong views – based on a starting point that I cannot possibly know the mind of God and niether can you – but I generally leave folks to their own beliefs and hope to receive the same considerations.

But I am afraid the Pope guy has (once again) crossed the line from a religion very much of the dark ages into what I consider hate speech in these modern times.

The logic the Pope is working from is itself predicated on many hundreds of years of study and academic work carefully considered and written down – and almost all of it wrong because it is all built on a millennium of previous wrongs and terrible misunderstandings. (but don’t worry, they do make corrections and admit their mistakes. They’ve been all over that Galileo thing recently. Good work, guys!)

Whether it is the R. C.’s view of womans rights, homosexuality, birth control or countless other issues,  there are  lifetimes of brainwashing, theft, manipulations and backward science that are still in place as the underpinnings of this very dark and twisted vision of  Divinity and Humanity. 

All of this  plus the  latest Christmas idiocy places the Pope – as far as I  can see –  on the same level as white supremacists and other bigotry fueled pronouncers of hatred and ignorance.

The Pope is on a pathway to making himself and the Catholic Church irrelevant.

Though it is difficult to do, the Pope should be treated the same way we treat other emotion based hate spewers:  He should be ignored.

“You’re invisible to me, like vapour on the sea”

As mankind slowly and painfully pulls itself from under the crushing weight of Dark Ages organized religion we need to distance ourself from ancient wrongs while finding a way to retain the good things that religion has taught us.

Somedays, when the Pope cannot hold his ugliness inside him but instead must spread his poison as Christmas approaches, that seems impossible.


UPDATE:  A full text translation of the Pope’s remarks can be found here.

Andrew Sullivan, who as I understand is gay, married and Catholic – and therefore actually has several dogs in this race – has a rather more nuanced and calmer view, though I found this comment very interesting and, in fact, chilling.

From Andrew’s post “What Fundamentalism Requires“:


“The description of homosexual orientation as evil, of course, is linked to the view that women’s physical subordination to men is intrinsic to nature and must be enforced. You cannot extricate the two concepts. The erasure of homosexuals is deeply, theologically connected to the subjugation of women.”


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