At Night, I Dream of Morning Coffee

At Night, I Dream of Morning Coffee

I have few rituals in my life, but the morning coffee ritual is almost sacred. I don’t drink all that much – between two and, at the most, five cups a day, always early in the day. Coffee in the second half of a day will keep me up at night.

The most memorable cup of coffee I’ve ever had was in Toronto’s Sutten Place Hotel lounge. (believe me, not my usual style hang out) It was a Sunday morning. The coffee was served in a translucent china cup to the the sound of a live classical pianist. The server was a beautiful young blond woman wearing one of those real looking tuxedo tops (bow tie, tails) with black shorts. (Long, long legs)

She appeared both exotic and classy to me that day.

The coffee was excellent.

What an awesome picture.


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