Why are Aliens Cooperating with the Government?

CNN is covering the mysterious fireball in the sky over Texas. As part of their coverage, they had a U.F.O. “expert” – whose name I missed –  offering his opinion.  Among other things, he asserted that  governments have been “manipulating people” for a long, long, time (I agree) and that Space Aliens have most certainly visited the earth on many occasions. (I sort of disagree on that last one)

Clearly, this man believes that various governments, including the U.S. government, have been covering up and stonewalling about an Alien presence on earth.

My questions is : What do the Aliens think of this?

Why are the Aliens cooperating with the U.S. government?

I think this has to be the larger issue here.

If they made it all this way, one imagines that they must be considerably more technically advanced than we are. If they wanted to announce their arrival, it would probably not be beyond their abilities.

So why the stealth and the silence?

It seems that  the governments in question and our Space Aliens both have a vested interest in keeping the masses ignorant of their terresterial existence.

So I say to you, worry not about financial collapse, securitized mortgages or environmental catastrophe, but rather, ask yourself :

Why are the Aliens cooperating with the Government?


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