Conservative Party Attack Ads Coming

From The Canadian Press

The Tories already have anti-Ignatieff ads ready to air at a moment’s notice, and are also combing through a lifetime’s worth of musings from his career as a public intellectual.

Let us note that we are not currently engaged in a Federal election. Let us further note that for the Conservative Party of Canada, anytime is a great time for smears and character assassination.

Just ask Stephane Dion.

I’m guessing there will be little to zero focus on Liberal policy or any realities relating to the Canadian people and their concerns.

There will be camera tricks (see “Harper’s Mob Surveillance” video), quotes taken fully out of context, voices brimming with cartoon levels of derision and contempt and of course absolutely fraudulent concern for the Canadian citizen.

But these days Conservatives won’t touch actual policy with a twenty foot pole.

This Harper minority government can be considered a colossal failure of policy, ideas and ideology and exactly the wrong political philosophy at the worst possible time.

But though the CPoC is bankrupt and bereft of ideas, they know how to do NASTY and more importantly, how to do NASTY and keep it just this side of unacceptable.

This will likely be ugly and the only one who may benefit from this crappy American style political thuggery is Steven Harper and friends.

But then nothing modern conservatives do is designed to benefit anyone but their fellow travellers.

As usual, when right wingers are in government, only a very small percentage of the population stands to gain.

The attack ads will be works of art.

Ugly, nasty works of art.


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