Sullivan on Torture

Here at Loon Theory we will continue to view Andrew Sullivan as a reliable source concerning the morality and legality of torture.

Many seem to regard the subject of torture as a minefield, while Sullivan is unwilling to allow specious arguments and moral relativism to cloud his position.

From Sullivan’s blog The Daily Dish, read Obama, Bush And The Rule Of Law.

…even if you believe that the president has the duty to torture terror suspects, under the constitution, he has no legal right to do so without Congress’ passage of legislation repealing the laws and treaties governing such torture

Now no legal authority in  human history would judge the waterboarding of a prisoner 83 or 183 times in one month as anything but torture. If it were done to a US soldier, would Dick Cheney refuse to call it torture? Of course not, although it is telling that no reporter has ever asked him this obvious question directly.

And so it is simply an empirical fact that president Bush broke the law and violated his oath of office by ordering the torture of prisoners.

The cancer of the G.W. Bush administration now threatens to infect Obama, if, as it appears, he is too politically calculating or too frightened to investigate and prosecute.


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