Never Let The Music Stop

Sometimes, I get messages in the most unusual way.

To my mysterious friend… I say: I appreciate your message of support more than you could know.

The music will never stop. Yes, it slows down sometimes, and now that my latest obsolete computer recording system has self destructed, it may be a while (3-6- weeks) before I can record again.

I realized a long time ago that I was not making light hearted pop music. I realized a long time ago that the rewards on my chosen path would be few and far between.

Nevertheless, this is the music I am driven to make.

I would rather have some help and human company while working on this stuff, but every attempt (so far) has ended in unacceptable artistic compromise.

Perhaps I would have been better off if I had accepted those compromises anyway.

But I did not.

An so the music goes on in its own way…..

As long as I am breathing, I will find a way to make my music despite the obstacles.

Thank you mysterious messanger. To you and to my listeners (I know you are out there – my download count increases everyday) I have only the following to add to my thanks for your support:

I will never let the music stop.


David Archer April/09



Click here to listen and download original music by David Archer


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