Eye On Kinsella

Warren Kinsella

Welcome to the first ever edition of“Eye On Kinsella” wherein we pass along observations, loon theories and other insider information direct from the secret public blog of infamous fictional famous Liberal War Room Spin Doctor Strategist and insider extraordinaire Warren Kinsella.

VANCOUVER – Jean Chretien says Liberals should push for an election `the sooner the better.’
And the former prime minister says his party is in `very good position to win.’
As the most successful Liberal leader in recent history, with three consecutive majority victories to his credit, Chretien’s advice is likely to be taken seriously by Liberals.

Well, that’s pretty darn interesting.  When the Big Dog says go, you should probably take his advice.

Mmmmm. Seems Warren’s insider’s view, as he notes on his blog, happens to come from The Canadian Press.

Warren,  given you’re a Liberal Party Insider and an Ignatieff confidant, we were hoping for  something a little more direct for the inaugural edition of “Eye On Kinsella”.

Oh well. I guess now that you’re a Party Strategist again you have to keep most of the good stuff for yourself.

We understand. And we don’t feel let down.

Be sure to tune in next time for “Eye On Kinsella”.


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