Condi Rice, This Is Your Life!

I find it amusing to wonder how much communication traffic there is between the Bush, Cheney and Rice camps these days.

They would have known going in that there would be trouble coming out, but clearly the conclusion had to be that they could and would weather any storm that resulted from their actions while in the White House.

But could they have imagined the current scenario? 

My guess is that they imagined much, much worse and therefore would’ve taken today’s reality in a heartbeat.

Another interesting possibility is that hubris, blind ideology and rank incompetence combined to create a sort of strategic and tactical forced improvisation that these dangerous clowns could have very easily mistaken for the brilliant light of creative genius.

Did they make a til death us do part covenant of true believers? Or is it everyman for himself and the devil take the hindmost once Bush walked out of the Oval Office for the last time?

Seems to me that Condi Rice is both the weakest link and the one in the hindmost position, though obviously others lower down the chain would have to turn or fall long before it reached Condi. Nonetheless she appears to be the only one of the big three who is trying to live something like a normal life and if her recent encounters with university and 4th grade students are any indication, things are not going too well on that front.

Few others are calling it this way, but I read her answers to the students as anything but solidarity with Bush. I think she was clearly (but probably reluctantly) saying – don’t look at me, it’s the President who authorized all this.

I hope Ms. Rice believes deeply and completely in what she represents to the American people because from now till her last day on earth, everywhere she goes, everything she does, every aspect of her life, every public utterance and appearance will be dominated by one issue and one issue only: Torture.

Got a speaking engagement? There will be protesters.

Going to the theater? Don’t be surprised to hear booing.

Oh, and watch out for those students. On this subject, I think they will prove to have very long memories.

Investigation, litigation, incarceration? Well, you never know.

It’s likely that the torture issue will never be resolved in any meaningful way, but because of this the major players may never be allowed to put it behind them.

Condi Rice, from now on, this is your life.

How do you feel about Dick Cheney now?


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