Bring The Coyotes To Hamilton

I hope Research in Motion owner Jim Balsillie succeeds in his efforts to bring the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes to Hamilton Ontario.

As a long time –  but no longer really interested – Toronto Maple Leafs fan, I would welcome anything that might awaken the Maple Leafs owners from their seemingly endless bottom line induced coma of competitive pointlessness and perhaps add some life to a storied team that is dying from a spiritless gridlock.

Balsillie believes that there is a market in Hamilton and I do not doubt his business acumen. He’s a successful businessman and obviously a die hard hockey lover.

He has the cash, he has the plan and he has the ability.

Any moves to block this by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and/or the team owners – absent a viable plan to keep the team in Phoenix – makes little sense.


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