Torture Fixation (The Hierarchy Of Victim-Hood)

There are few writers and thinkers more dedicated to getting to the bottom of the torture issue than Andrew Sullivan.

I commend and applaud his relentless pursuit of truth and justice.

That said, I needed to ask Andrew a question regarding the Neo Con shadow war on the truth.

The post below is an excerpt from an email I sent to Andrew at The Daily Dish.

I know you and many others have thought and written on this very subject in far more detail and depth than I ever could, but I can’t help wondering if – in the up is down world of American conservatism – the (likely unresolvable) torture issue is actually what the Neo Cons would prefer everyone be fixated on.

Although individuals suffered in horrible ways, the greater damage from the torture appears to be – judging from what I read daily – what was done to the American concept of Rule of Law and the American psyche.

Whereas the damage done by the initiating of a murderous war of choice – with hundreds of thousands dead and millions of lives destroyed – appears to have been inflicted on the “other” and therefore is easier to move beyond.

Other broken “Rules of Law” – equal or greater in importance – fall to the wayside.

It seems America will put itself first, even when attempting to come to terms with past actions and especially when sorting out a hierarchy of victim-hood.


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