Cannon Fodder in Sri Lanka

The carnage continues as civilians and hospitals have become fair game. 

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – Shells hit the only hospital in Sri Lanka‘s northern war zone Wednesday, killing at least 50 people in the second such attack in two days, a doctor said. Medics at the makeshift facility said they were using brief lulls between explosions to tend to patients but had little to offer beyond gauze and bandages.

It was the third attack this month on the hospital and comes on the heels of shelling this past weekend that killed as many as 1,000 civilians. On Tuesday, shells struck the admissions ward, killing 49. But trapped in the tiny coastal strip as the government presses ahead with its offensive against the rebels, the wounded had little alternative but to converge by the hundreds to seek treatment.

Canada must stand, not with a government or specific groups, but with the Politics of Compassion for those trapped in the war zone.

We must use the power of economics and Canadian Diplomacy to join with other international actors and do everything we can to bring an end to this murderous madness.


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