As a native of Toronto, I am only able to enjoy watching hockey when the sad-sack Leafs are not on the ice.

So quite naturally I enjoy the play-offs as a guaranteed Maple Leafs free zone. (Hey MLSE – when you lose me as a fan, you lose me completely) 

Loon Theory is amazed at the skill and competitive spirit shown by Sid Crosby and everyone else on the team and we are now officially backing the Pittsburgh Penguins to beat (probably) Detroit in seven games to win the Stanley Cup.

May Opus look down kindly on Pittsburgh.


Updated – Wow. Carolnina is an excellent team but the Pens are explosive. In the last minute of the first period Crosby, Malkin, Guerin  etc, unloaded on the Hurricanes turning a tightly fought 1 – 1 tie into a 3 – 1 lead with two goals in 31 seconds.

Intesity and skill.

No offense to Chicago – I often support the Blackhawks –  but it looks to me as though only Pittsburgh can beat Detroit.

Don Cherry just said no one can beat Detroit if they bring their best game.

Loon Theory has no official position on Don Cherry.


Updated –  Eaves laid a nasty elbow on Malkin. No call. Malkin gets a skate in the face, just battered tonight.

Adams just took a shot from the face-off, scoring on the empty net. Amazing.

Pittsburgh seems to have no problem running up the score to 6 -2. Wonder what Don Cherry thinks of this?

Game over. Malkin dominates. Crosby plays an excellent game.

Carolina down 0 -3 in the best four of seven series.


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