Our Brothers And Sisters In Iran


 The more I watch the videos of events in Iran, the more I read the Twitter messages and hear the cries and the voices of freedom rising up from a beleaguered populace, the more the Iranian people appear to me as brothers and sisters.

What I really mean is: They are us, we are them.

Not much difference at all.

For Iranians, it is a very visible extremist theocratic government. For Westerners it is the very slippery and often well hidden Corporate/Military/Industrial interests who clearly control our politicians and bend and warp our minds via the most effective propaganda dissemination system ever devised.

In the west we have more in common with the protesters on the streets of Tehran than we have ever had with politicians, lobbyists and the damned “Captains of Finance and Industry” who infest Washington, Ottawa, Paris or London.

My heart swells with pride at the courage and passions of our Iranian brothers and sisters.


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