Is Ahmadinejad In Exile? (No, He’s Not)

There’s very little out there regarding Ahmadinejad’s status though I expect that will change shortly.

 A Google search result leading to a blog (though it’s titled Architecture & Environmental Design) includes the words “C.I.A. confirms the escape to exile by President Ahmadinejad to Russia” from June 16/09 but the link leads to a page not found notice.

I tried digging around the blog a bit but could not find anything of further interest. I didn’t spend much time there and I vouch for nothing found on the site in question or Captain Democracy himself who I’m sure is a fine sort and appears to be an architect working out of California.

The Google cache is no more illuminating.

A dead end, I’m sure, but an interesting one nonetheless.

Update :  This Guardian article (via Nico Pitney) says that the Iranian press has reported that Ahmadinejad is back in Iran but there is speculation on his location. 

Speculation is intensifying about the whereabouts of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who claimed victory in the Iranian presidential election but has not been seen in public since Monday, when he was in Russia for a conference.

Iranian media have reported only that the president was greeted by a number of senior government officials when he arrived home late on Tuesday.


Update : CNN has just shown recent footage of Ahmadinejad apparently giving an interview in Iran.

So, to answer my title question, no, Ahmadinejad is not in exile.




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