Point Of No Return

UPDATE Aug 12 2010

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David Archer


My guess is that the protesters in Iran have indeed passed the point of no return as I suggested in response to a comment by a Loon Theory visitor :

Well, if things begin to calm down a little I would then likely agree with your assessment, BraveJ.

Looks to me like the people on the ground are seeking to push this past the point of no return. We’ll soon know because this can’t continue indefinitely and something will break one way or another.

We know these folks are intelligent, brave and determined. I believe they are fully aware of the concept of the point of no return in this regard and are doing their level best to get there before this chance slips through their hands.

They may have reached that point already.

I also find it totally bizarre that Ahmadinajad is out of the country right now.

Totally. Bizarre.

I try to be aware that hope and wishful thinking is colouring my views green right now.

Still, I see the situation as too unstable for any obvious route back to a sort of a pre-election status-quo with penalties as you suggest.

Amazing times.

I find myself wondering about three things this morning: How long can the urban demonstrators hold out if the government blocks food delivery, why does there appear to be a News blackout on the subject of Ahmadinajad’s absence from Iran and when is he due to return?

I’ve done a quick search around and can find little to no information on these issues.

I will continue to urge Loon Theory visitors to check in with Andrew Sullivan for a clearinghouse source and quality analysis on the Iran uprisings.

Today Loon Theory proclaims solidarity with the good people of Iran.


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