Khamenei: The Big Lie and The Big Threat

 Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei – who appears poised to confirm his totalitarian credentials as a lying, murderous thug – has thrown down the challenge to the brave citizens of Iran in a speech given Friday in Tehran. Distancing himself from the will of the people and from any form of reality that might be recognizable to the mostly sane among us, the deeply deluded, heavenly entitled and egocentric crazy man posing as a world leader has decided the best route for saving his repressive regime of lunacy from the angry hordes of dust and debris in the streets of Iran is to turn to the favourite weapons of brutal, cowardly, frightened men throughout history – The Big Lie and The Big Threat.

Khamenei’s beautifully loony, nut-bar logic holds that the sheer size of the election fraud proves that there has been no fraud and Ahmadinejad is the President because that is the peoples choice; the peoples victory.

 As is always the case with the authoritarians of any so called political stripe, hot is cold, black is white, up is down and The Big Lie is one of the few things they have left to protect themselves and most importantly, their privileged position of power.

The will and the best interests of the Iranian people simply do not enter into such equations.

 The Big Lie is then followed by The Big Threat. This supposedly religious man (I don’t think that term actually applies to this power mad political despot) has threatened direct bodily harm and death to those thousands of Iranian citizens who have the nerve to disagree with his ugly, benighted rule. And if violence, bloodshed and death are visited upon the innocent, this then is the fault of the people and the will of God.

Because of men like Khamenei, the pages of history are stained and bloody from the tortured bodies and souls of millions of innocent people.

Today, my heart remains with the people of Iran.


An English translation of Khamenei’s delusional threats to the Iranian people can be found here. 

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