Canadian Embassy In Tehran

A twitter message on Protesterhelp:

ProtesterHelp Canadians – call Foreign Office to request opening of Embassy 1-800-267-8376  3 minutes ago from web

 The phone number is valid (Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada) but there is no one answering and voice mail boxes appear to be full.

The Foreign Affairs  website shows an error message when attempting to send email through their  system.

UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan shows a twitter message saying it is confirmed that Canadian Embassy is “rejecting” injured protesters.

2.31 pm. Canadians, call your foreign office. It’s confirmed Canadian Embassy rejects injured protesters

Bill, in the comments section of the previous post, notes the same thing.

UPDATE:  Email address for Canadian Embassy in Tehran is

UPDATE:  The embassy email address is returned undeliverable.

Canadians call or email your Member of Parliament.

UPDATE: Sunday June 21:   Kameel Ahmady, a freelance journalist interviewed on CBC suggested that the Canadian Embassy in Iran is accepting a limited amount of demonstrators in need of medical assistance.

He also posited that the Embassy’s refusal and/or inability to accept those seeking aid was on Saturday was simply based on policy in-place.

Latest updates here


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