Twitters, Rumours And Tanks

I have had a Twitter account for approximately 12 hours and though I am blown away by the first hand info I see and the things I have learned, I am also already overwhelmed by the unconfirmed, the unsubstantiated and even the personally confirmed (but how do I really know) rumours, guesses and other forms of intentional and unintentional mis-information coming at me at a rate I have never experienced before.

I believe I have unwittingly passed on a few myself, though like many others I try to emphasize that they are indeed unconfirmed.

I have no doubt the the next ramp up by the embattled Iranian government – if it hasn’t already happened –  would be to send the tanks into the city.

And of course, now the rumours of tanks in Tehran are everywhere.

I’m not putting anyone or any particular message down – I am too new to this and simply do not know enough about how Twitter works to make an informed judgement.

So I will sit back on this (unlike on the Embassy issue) and wait for confirmation.

That’s not so hard to do, is it?


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