Canadian Embassy Follow Up

Now What?

Well, the  Embassy story gets crazier by the hour and shows us that modern communication (maybe all communication) is a wild, perhaps ultimately uncontrollable beast at the best of times and worse than that in times of crisis and high traffic.

Throw in human nature –  and what do you expect? 

On Sunday morning, in the second last update on a previous post I wrote that:

Kameel Ahmady, a freelance journalist interviewed on CBC suggested that the Canadian Embassy in Iran is accepting a limited amount of demonstrators in need of medical assistance. He also posited that the Embassy’s refusal and/or inability to accept those seeking aid was on Saturday was simply based on policy in-place.

Mr. Ahmady, who  I’m sure is a fine sort, spoke with such conviction in his report and I wanted too much to believe it, but I’m now of the rather uninformed opinion that our Embassy in Tehran is likely not taking in any who seek help and is, as noted several times, possibly not currently staffed or set up to be of any assistance.

Mr. Ignatieff has chimed in with his statement suggesting he believes we are able to – or should be able – to offer at least some assistance on the ground:

“Canada should join other countries in keeping our embassy open for the humanitarian needs of the people of Iran.”

Now a Sullivan post entitled “Twitter Fraud” points to an article by Steve Clemons (highly recommended) on Twitter’s role in the mis-information overflow that also mentions the Canadian Embassy issue and appears to be the final word (yeah, right) on whether or not the British Embassy was, as reported, taking in Iranian protesters. They were not. I’ll probably be correcting that in a few hours.

From the sublime to the ridiculous is just a starting point when it comes to communications of any description between crazy humans in a crazy world.

I know there are Foreign Affairs statements and other informed opinions out there but it’s late so I’ll update as needed tomorrow.

UPDATE: Two words – Twitter Burn


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