Lions In The Face Of Tyranny (2)

Lions In The Face Of Tyranny

This picture is one of the Icons used by the Iranian source of these messages.


Quotes from an Iranian demonstrater via Twitter:

Lions In The Face Of Tyranny

Today we are lions in the face of tyranny


Iranian on CNN :”Policestate has changed in Terror state”

Urgent: Turkey has (lightly) condemmd Iran crackdown on ppl and desired peacfull solution soon to contribute to more democratic institutions

Rafsanjani poised to step in, possibly to make statement On Friday as Khamenei tales Friday Prayers again

MOUSAVI: Gun V greatness of God, armed forces V mobile phones, baton V mourners, national TV V twitter, who wins?

State TV said today 50 to 100 people protested in Baherestan, Eyewitness to Voa News: “3000 to 5,000 people in Baherstan alone”

We saw some people being shot in the head some beaten so hard their bones we could hear crack, where is god in this time where is the world!

made sm more protectn getting high lvl help from friends to protect id, one friend of us still with us in high risk lost lot blood

only leg injury, cut places with knife? i dont know how, much chaos,but some people i was with died, it was a black day #neda

Where is the help, we can’t survive more than one week, two week, everybody is killed, prisoned, tortured, beaten, help after genocide?


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