Lions In The Face Of Tyranny (3)

Lions In The Face Of Tyranny

This picture is one of the Icons used by the Iranian source of these messages.

Quotes from an Iranian demonstrater via Twitter:

Lions In The Face Of Tyranny

Today we are lions in the face of tyranny

I think Rafsanjani will make a move soon, this is like chess, he has the next move, what will he do? little change? semi-secular?

We have to give info, there is no other way to get news out, some are affraid,i am ready to hurt, if thats the price for freedom

Close friend released mngd to get out save and clean,no info leak,only some injuries beaten up,said he was just bystandr,suffered alot

Reason i post more at night and every 24 hrs is for reasons i can’t tell, I was among our ppl again Shouted brave karoubi! Very brave

Our youth is 50 years ahead of Goverment clerics, we are at the level of U.S youth regarding music, movies, creation, know-how science

I have also books from David Icke,who’s books are controversll in West, let stand here, so don’t ask how i got the books

We in Iran are very well aware of the world, space,history,science,but islam goverment is not democratic,strict,we have to hide info 4rm gov

Reading Zacharia Sitchin’s book,”The Lost Book of Enki”about Annunaki sky gods coming from planet x to Earth”almost lost life for this book


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