Whatever Happens by *The Blue Assassin*

“Whatever Happens” by *The Blue Assassin*

The rest of us just better hope and pray that the revolution will be televised…..

Whatever Happens(2:51) – *The Blue Assassin*
Music and Lyrics by *The Blue Assassin*

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Whatever Happens

These words are written, not carved into stone
Five billion people are living alone
You got no space and you got no time
You got no motivation to search for a rhyme
Signals and wires and articulate liars
Talking heads and day glow fires
The lunatic who lost the thread
The sound of victory and the colour red
A plea for mercy that will not be heard
You’re really last if you’re second or third
There’s no reason to stand in line
When living right is just doing time
You’re a day late and a dollar short
And anyway, your money’s no good here, sport
Because for all that you’ve done and all that you’ve tried
You’re just gonna be another page five suicide

All news is bad news but all news is good
So stay in the pocket and do as you should
Don’t be late, and don’t act smart
And never let anyone see what’s inside your heart
‘Cause this is all that you’re gonna get
The American Dream is a sucker’s bet
There may be gold in the Hollywood hills
But stardust never paid a poor mans bills
So I’ll be the runner and you play defense
Yeah, sure she’s a stunner but it hardly makes sense
Unless money is magic and God loves the rich
And a hair-pull trigger goes off with a twitch
Lifestyle is criminal to cold legal eyes
And the rest of us just better hope and pray
That the revolution will be televised…..

I have a musical alter ego – kind of like Slim Shady – a vessel for my anger and my dark side – *The Blue Assassin* Stay tuned..

*The Blue Assassin* has only one desire: To make Slim Shady cry real tears…..

Tonight – the World Premiere of *The Blue Assassin* “Whatever Happens” coming soon to a Twitter board near you!

“Whatever Happens” is the first recording by *The Blue Assassin* to be unveiled – the others are just… too…. weird…… so far…

Yes, you might call “Whatever Happens” by *The Blue Assassin* rap. Evidence, if not conclusive proof that some people just shouldn”t rap.

But if you think *The Blue Assassin* cares what you think about his rapping — think again. I said THINK AGAIN!

Do not be concerned for Giles Goat Boy… but rather keep your hand on your wallet and your eye on the invisible assassin

*The Blue Assassin* plays all instruments on “Whatever Happens” except drums and percussion.

“Whatever Happens” was recorded before the … incident. As some of you know – it was never the same after that….

The RCMP will no longer take our calls.

“Get this toxic shit outta here or I’m calling my lawyer” was a commonly heard response to the Assassins representatives.

63 record labels refused to have anything to do with *The Blue Assassin* – Govt. censors banned all songs except “Whatever Happens”

*The Blue Assassin* drinks Absinthe, smokes black hash and cranks Insane Clown Posse at ear bleeding volume just to get to sleep.

Okay, the wav file is being extracted fron the containment vault and is on its way to the studio – be thankful for HazMat training….

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