Archer Twitter Interview – Rockon 365

David Archer Twitter Interview with Bernard Overly – Rockon 365
28th November 2009

Overly: I would like to introduce David Archer @arcsong to everyone!

Archer: Hi folks, hope you’re all well.

Overly: You can find a bio about David on my website  in Featured Artists.

I play 2 of David’s songs, “What Is Done Is Done” and “Midnight Silver Bullet” on my radio station.

Overly: How are you tonight David?

Archer: I’m doing just great tonight Bernie.

Overly: David, how long have you been writing songs?

Archer: Well, I’ve been writing music since I first picked up a guitar – and as a serious writer for about 25 yrs now.

Overly: With so many influences on your style. Who and/or how were you influenced at different stages of your career?

Archer: It’s been an amazing journey through so much awesome music over the years. For me, it began with the Stones and The Who…ctd.

Archer: …but it was the spirituality in Pete Townshend’s work that lead me to wider explorations. Plus Cohen, Dylan, Floyd …ctd

Archer: ….all the usual suspects for my generation. Today I’m a huge Dave Mathews fan – he’s a very insightful, literate and spiritual writer.

Overly: Matthews is good.

Archer: And the drummer… Carter Beauford….. a symphony of drums with a groove a mile wide…awesome

Overly: What direction are you heading?

Archer: I’m heading in many directions-anywhere my curiosity leads me. Lately I’ve been exploring how spirituality/realism are joined together…ctd

Archer: …and recent historical events have ignited my interest in political music. I’ll use any sound, any style I can grasp – but lately…ctd

Archer: singing/lyric writing have a bigger role. I’ve also fallen in love with my acoustic gtr again – right now it’s the spine of my music.

Overly: What are you working on right now?

Archer: I’m working on a song called “Every Sacrifice” looking at accidental civilian casualties from both sides of the weapon…ctd

Archer: A Man Of No Illusion” demo – – is a journey through treacherous paths of illusion to a place of spiritual realism.

Overly: David, I think everyone will want to check that out

Archer: I hope so – it’s heavy but quite beautiful also- in its own way…: )

Overly: David, What is your favorite song?

Archer: So many favorites – the list is endless – but I have no doubt that “Won’t Get Fooled Again” is the greatest rock song ever written.

Overly: Does living in Toronto give you a lot of idea’s for your songs?

Archer: Oh yeah. T.O. is an awesome city – I find it beautiful and deeply mysterious. “Midnight Silver Bullet” is set at Toronto’s King Edward Hotel.

Overly: I would like to thank everyone who is following the Interview with David.

Overly: Thank you David!

Archer: My pleasure! This has been a blast. And if I may, I’d like to thank Bernie and all the Rockon365 listeners. You all rock with class!


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