The Visitors – Stay or Go Poll

For some reason, you are walking down a lonely deserted road, miles from anyone. Suddenly you are confronted with alien entities known as The Visitors.

The Visitors mean you no harm and you sense this immediately.

Unafraid, you listen to The Visitor’s proposal:

If you accept their invitation, you will leave earth with The Visitors and return to their home in another dimension. Once there, you will live forever – completely immortal – you will experience existence with god-like powers for all eternity – you will see things seen by no human before and no human will ever have this chance again – all your earthly dreams and desires and more will be fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams.

There is only one condition. If you agree to immortality with The Visitors, you will never return to earth and you cannot inform family and friends of your decision.

From the point of view of your loved ones – you will have simply vanished, never to seen or heard of again.

You have only a few minutes to decide and no one can help you with the decision.

Do you stay on earth with your loved ones – or – do you accept the invitation for your own reasons – and vanish –  forevermore a mystery to your friends and family?




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