Crooked Jack

A video made of drawings,  engravings,  paintings and pictures from of the Industrial Revolution.

(Traditional –  by Dominic Behan  –  Arranged and performed by David Archer, Toronto ,2010)

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 Crooked Jack

Come Irishmen both young and stern
With adventure in your soul
There’s better ways to spend your days
Than working down the hole

I was tall and true, all of six foot two
When they broke me across the back
By a name I am known, and it’s not my own
No they call me Crooked Jack

The ganger’s blue-eyed pet was I
Big Jack could do no wrong
And the reason simply was
I worked hours on and on

I’ve seen men grown old before their time
Their faces lined and grey
I never thought so soon would mine
Be lined the self same way

I cursed the day I went away
To work on the hydro dams
Of hopes and fears and blood and tears
Caught up in  a shuttering jam

They say an honest toil is good
For  spirit and for soul
But it’s for flesh and blood me boys
They want you down the hole