You Won’t Find Us There

I continue to work on my Toronto/G20 Rock Opera “You Won’t Find Us There” and hope to share parts of it soon.

I call it a Rock Opera for lack of a better term – and oh yeah, because I have become totally re-inspired by listening to the work of my main man Pete Townshend.

YWFUT is a musical and lyrical study of various fictional characters – demonstrators, police, government officials, bystanders, political ideologues, local residents/business owners, Black Bloc anarchists and anarcho pacifists who get caught up and intertwined by events at the Toronto G20 Summit that rocked my hometown in the summer of 2010.

I’ve never been more excited about music and I hope you’ll check back in from time to time to hear the project as it develops.

Thanks for dropping by :)

David Archer