“You Won’t Find Us There” Title Track (1st Mix)

You Won’t Find Us There

These are demos recorded on my computer for “You Won’t Find Us There” – a Rock Opera about the human costs of anarchism, socialism and capitalism existing together against a backdrop of events at the Toronto G20 demonstration.

With luck, I’ll begin recording the entire project at a better studio with a full band soon.



(Track 1):

You Won’t Find Us There

You can follow a trail of broken glass
But you won’t find us there
You can capture the faces that pass
Then dissolve in the air
You can fall on your knees before the towers of mammon
You can whisper a ghost of a prayer
You can smash though the smoke and the mirrors
Still you won’t find us there

(Media Voices)

[You want for nothing, you want it all
Nothing to fear, nowhere to fall]

– It won’t make any difference
We’ll be running the walls down by then
It won’t make any difference
We’ll be running the walls down by then –

[These are your iconic dreams
You can’t change the picture on the screen
You can’t unsee the things you’ve seen]

(Media Voices)

Will you wait in the night for the ice to break
Or will you ride through the streets on a wave
Will you hide all alone in your basement
Just counting the coins that you’ve saved
Will you run with wolves
Will you fight from the rooftops
Or retreat to the mountains and caves
Well, whatever you do
Break the mirror in two
Or watch the Joker run away with game

(Track 2):

Fox Free

You never see them coming
They leave without a trace
There’s no use in running
From that mystified smile on your face

It’s a timeless story
What fool would take the bet?
The joker makes the rules here
And he lights your cigarette

So you break all the mirrors
Hanging in the hall
And you smash all the windows
Run from the sirens call
Lost in all those numbers
Down the endless gilded hall

(Seems so long)
Well it seems so long
(I’ve been in your arms)
I’ve been in your arms
(Did I drift off?)
Til I drift off
(Did I drift off?)
Til I drift off

Well it always goes like that
Til the numbness fades away
Then we’re back to stealing fire
And bleeding through the day

And all those broken mirrors
They only multiply the pain
And all those shattered windows
Well they just let in the rain
Lost in all those numbers
On that endless gilded chain

There’s nothing left …

I’ve got nothing left here
I’m just a dog without a home
Sometimes I get to thinking
That I’m out here all alone

We always see through those games
As we breath the teargas rage
Lost in endless circles
Still pacing ’round the cage

(Seems so long)
Well it seems so long
(I’ve been in your arms)
I’ve been in your arms
(Did I drift off?)
Til I drift off
(Did I drift off?)
Til I drift off

(Track 3):

No Turning Back

We both know
This won’t go down easy
And we both know
Some people are going to get hurt
But this is the big show
It’s going to get ugly

If we let it go
There’ll be no turning back
If we let it go
There’ll be no turning back

I think you’re like me
You can turn with the big wheels
And if you want to be free
You know what needs to be done
And I think you can see
We’re all out of options

If we let it go
There’ll be no turning back
If we let it go
There’ll be no turning back

My plans, my plans are all in place
We’re so close, so close to the end of the race
I’ll lift that shadow off your face
Now let’s go, go (go go go)

From this place in the sun
We can watch all the puppets dance
When what’s done is done
There’s nothing left to say
So look in my eyes
Let’s give it a chance now

If you’re caught up in the fight
You can’t see the light
If you stand back from the ledge
You can push ’em all off the edge
If you let it go
There’ll be no turning back
If we let it go
There’ll be no turning back

Music & Lyrics by David Archer
Toronto, 2011
© David Archer All Rights Reserved

5 thoughts on ““You Won’t Find Us There” Title Track (1st Mix)

  1. Hi Folks

    If you have any observations, comments, criticisms – or perhaps you’d just like to say hello:) – please feel free and know that you are welcome here.

    David Archer

  2. Hi, David,

    I told you I’m no musician, right? But the music has a way of evoking lots of fleeting images for me. It definitely held my interest.

    People who simply destroy property don’t deserve to be called anarchists incidentally.


  3. Hi Bill

    Thanks very much for taking the time to comment. I especially value observations from non-musicians – and to say the song evoked lots of fleeting images and held your interest — well, that’s it, that’s exactly what I always hope will be the result :)

    As for the subject of the song/rock opera, I see politics today as being in a state of rapid change, due in large part to the bizarre – and I think contrived and un-natural – lurch to the far right we have seen in the last 30 years.

    I am at heart a democratic-socialist – when I feel I’m forced to contemplate the politics of anarchy it is from an anarcho/pacifist position – and my personal understanding of that would preclude violence to property as well as people.

    I think some anarchists – Black Bloc types particularly and definitely several characters in the story line – see themselves as soldiers in a war the rest of us refuse to acknowledge is underway – I also think there may be some merit to that view. That is part of my reasoning in choosing to write about such controversial matters.

    The narrator of “You Won’t Find Us There” believes he has watched as all other forms of reasonable protest have failed to move the front-line in this war that the people would never seek out in a thousand years – and he is now ready to consider more serious actions.

    As the story – set against the backdrop of the Toronto G20 demonstrations – begins to unfold, we will see many points of view – including innocent by-standers (is there such a thing?) shopkeepers/property owners, peaceful demonstrators, police officers, innocent and not so innocent capitalists and business people, anarchists, anarcho/pacifists, black bloc actors, politicians and more.

    There are false flag operators, deceivers and manipulators, the fog of war, wheels within wheels and by the time it’s all over the narrator may well arrive at the idea that no one is completely innocent and no one is fully to blame.

    Your interest and comments are very much appreciated Bill. Thanks again, stay tuned and thanks for swinging by.

    David Archer

  4. David, I remain such a fan of your music – whatever personal stuff has happened between us, I still love your music. It has a quality that stirs me deeply. I think you’re a star and one of the world’s best kept secrets. My wish is that you’re eventually recognized for the amazing artist, poet and human being that you are. Pam

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