Still They Shoot the Messenger

The evidence is everywhere in the so called mainstream media and online, including places like Huffington Post: those who argue for the status quo deliberately focus on the Occupy demonstrators and not the issues.

Shoot the messenger, avoid the message.

We’ve seen this tactic before but it will not work this time.

Institutions and individuals who obsess on the protesters in order to deflect attention away from the egregious behaviors of establishment malefactors only reveal themselves as purchased shills, greed driven ideologues and all other manner of deeply un-serious thinkers. By their own words and actions they render themselves beyond further consideration.

The Occupy movement is a ringing bell that opponents of progress and equality are unable to un-ring. It may move indoors during inclement weather – though I suspect not completely – but will return with exponentially increased vigor and passion.

Because it has to.

Support your local activists. They are active not just for themselves but also for you, your family and your descendants . Proponents of simple fairness, justice and opportunity for all will not be so easily deterred and defeated.

The feral capitalists and their revolving door, captured government facilitators have been warned and people from all walks of life, all strata of society have joined in that warning chorus.

The chorus will only grow in strength and numbers.

Diminish, it will not.


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