Ridicule Is The Best Medicine

Whatever else you do today, you might want to visit The Guardian and read the latest Glenn Greenwald article entitled “Inside the mind of NSA chief Gen Keith Alexander”. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/sep/15/nsa-mind-keith-alexander-star-trek

That Alexander and his NSA/Security State playmates are clearly dangerously childish nutters is obvious and apparent and I think we’ve all known this for some time now; the pictures of the NSA pretend Star Trek/Chucky Cheese control room are priceless and if you’ve not seen the Russell Brand video as he accepts his “Oracle” award and disses Hugo Boss for helping make the Nazis look so pretty, you can at least read his follow up article in The Guardian op/ed section wherein he says exactly what he thinks of the corporate twits who clearly had no idea why they invited Brand and Noel Gallagher to their pretend party.

Greenwald is quite simply one of the best actual journalists doing actual journalism in the world today. I am now officially a fan and admirer of Mr. Brand and that you get a side order of Noel Gallagher (whom I’ve long been a fan of – did I mention Lars Ulrich?) is just another bonus, more swag, a free gift-set, whatever.

Neo Cons, Corporate Lunatics, Shallow Barbarians – call them what you will – these corporate party folk are intensely vain and ignorant people who cannot stand being laughed at and the light of day. Greenwald, Brand and Gallagher clearly have their number and I applaud these courageous individuals for standing up and cracking truth to stolen power.

Way to go, guys!


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